Benefits and Features

53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly

A safe environment.

Facebook makes it easy for users to feel safe and avoid business that abuse the platform, make it easier to connect with users.

Build trust.

The ability to create an interactive customer experience will build rapport in a way that requires minimal oversight with maximum rewards.

Direct selling.

Sell your products and services to your customers directly in a bot. They are there and they are ready to buy.

Multiple touch points.

Forget the Facebook News Feed and get straight in your customer's Messenger Inbox. Every interaction builds that relationship

Messaging is now the preferred method of communication.

Across all generation, messaging is now the way the most people prefer to communicate over any other.

  • Open rate as high as 100% compared to 15% for email.
  • 1.3 Billion Monthly active users on Messenger.
  • Messenger is conversation and interactive, unlike email that is one-sided.

People are already blending conversation and commerce

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with enterprise without interacting with a human.

  • 63% say they message more with business than they did two years ago
  • 67% expect to message more with businesses over the next two years
  • 53% say they are more likely to shop with a business they can contact via a chat app.

Always be serving.

A bot is always present and available to server your customers..

  • Automate the conversation for 80% of the most common questions your customers ask you.
  • A bot can multi-task in ways people can’t.
  • When a situation arises, easily pass the conversation off to a human.

“Speaking with Stephen, we have a shared view of where the Bot industry is headed and how important Bots are going to be for businesses and brands moving forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any Bot builders Stephen’s way if they are looking to learn and grow in this space. Stephen is a great resource and has a lot of knowledge pertaining to the Bot industry.”

Andrew Warner – Mixergy

Save money and make money.

Save money on personnel. Make money by always being available

  • Bots have 100% update.
  • They reduce the burden on staff.
  • Bots are always available for any opportunity that presents itself.


Because each of your customers is an individual, has their own needs, and is coming from their own point of view.

  • Retain and use information gather in your bot.
  • Customize messaging and communication flow.
  • Reach out when you think an individual customer is ready.

“Stephen has been one of our top contributors in Bot Academy. He always has tremendous value to add and is having great success with his bot clients. Stephen serves as an admin & Bot coach in our community.”

Andrew Warner – Mixergy

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